I have started a group for Artist Professional Development called “Connective Tissue”.  As a group we discuses process, business, marketing, setting goals and our ways of working.  We are an example of how visual artists come together from various backgrounds, different life circumstances, and various ways of working to nurture ongoing competitive-level art production for themselves and each other.  We are a mutually supportive structure for continued exploration and artistic growth.

I would like to introduce you to their works by providing links to their individual web sites.

Mia Hall
Mia Hall is an artist and educator based in Little Rock, AR. She is the head of the Furniture Design program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she …

Robyn Horn
Showing work at: Annesdale Park Gallery, Memphis, TN Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC Greg Thompson Fine Art, North Little Rock, AR Justus Gallery, Hot Springs, AR

Elizabeth Weber
Painting the Experiences of the Heart

Barbara Satterfield Studio, LLC
Barbara Satterfield. I am a hand-builder, and I incorporate my interests and experiences in whatever I construct. As a clay artist, my process honors craft traditions.

Dolores Justus
Inspired by the natural world, Dolores Justus’ paintings reflect a sensitive and intuitive view that distills patterns of light and form into compositions that …